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The History of Washington

Journey Through Washington Trivia

Welcome to our Washington history and trivia page, presented by History By Mail. Join us as we explore the fascinating past and diverse culture of the Evergreen State. From the towering peaks of the Cascade Range to the bustling city life of Seattle, we'll uncover Washington's hidden gems and put your knowledge to the test with fun quizzes. Let's embark on a journey through Washington's history and trivia together.

Washington is a state with a storied history and natural wonders. It is known for its striking landscapes, including the majestic Mount Rainier and the picturesque Olympic Peninsula. The state's Native American heritage is deeply rooted, with tribes like the Chinook, Coast Salish, and Yakama leaving their mark.

The state's economy thrives on industries such as technology, aerospace, and agriculture. Seattle, the largest city, is renowned as the birthplace of companies like Microsoft and Amazon. The iconic Space Needle and Pike Place Market are must-see attractions.

Washington's commitment to environmental conservation is evident in its numerous national parks and protected areas. The state is home to the stunning North Cascades National Park, the lush Hoh Rainforest, and the serene San Juan Islands.

Today, Washington stands as a progressive state that combines innovation, natural beauty, and a rich cultural tapestry. Its blend of urban sophistication and outdoor adventure makes it an enticing destination for travelers from around the world.

Facts about Washington

State Abbreviation: WA

Capital: Olympia

Name Origin: Named after the first President of the United States, George Washington.

Nickname: The Evergreen State

Statehood: Nov. 11, 1889 (42nd State)

State Motto: "Al-ki," which is a Chinook word that means "By and by" or "Hope for the future." It reflects the optimistic and forward-looking spirit of the state and its residents

Washington's Flag

The Washington state flag, adopted in 1923, showcases a dark green field with the state seal at its center. The seal features George Washington, the first U.S. president, along with symbols representing the state's industries. Washington's state motto, "Al-ki," meaning "By and by" or "Hope for the future," embodies the state's forward-thinking spirit. These symbols have represented Washington's history, progress, and optimism since their adoption nearly a century ago.

Washington's Great Seal

The Great Seal of Washington was designed to showcase the state's unique identity and values. It features an image of George Washington, the first U.S. president, symbolizing leadership and patriotism. Surrounding the image are scenes representing the state's diverse industries, such as agriculture, fishing, and mining. The state motto "Al-ki," meaning "By and by" or "Hope for the future," represents Washington's optimistic and forward-thinking spirit.

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History of Washington

Washington has a rich history that dates back over 10,000 years. Native American tribes, including the Yakima, Chinook, Nez Perce, and Puget Sound Salish, inhabited the region for thousands of years. European explorers, such as Bruno Heceta, Capt. Robert Gray, and Capt. George Vancouver, arrived in the 1700s, but it was not until Meriwether Lewis and William Clark's expedition in 1805 that Americans explored the area more extensively. Ownership of the region was shared by Britain and America until the signing of the Oregon Treaty in 1846, which established the boundary and paved the way for the creation of Washington Territory. The state of Washington was officially established in 1889.

Washington's history is closely tied to its abundant natural resources. The state is known for its lumber industry, with vast forests of Douglas fir, hemlock, pine, spruce, and cedar. It is also a leading producer of apples, lentils, peas, hops, pears, berries, mint oil, and cherries. Manufacturing sectors such as aircraft, transportation equipment, food processing, metals, chemicals, and machinery contribute significantly to the state's economy. Washington is home to numerous dams, including the Grand Coulee, which serve purposes such as irrigation, power generation, flood control, and water storage.

The state boasts remarkable natural attractions, including Mt. Rainier, Olympic, and North Cascades National Parks. The eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980 left a lasting impact on the region. Important historic sites like Whitman Mission and Fort Vancouver National Historic Sites showcase the state's past. Modern landmarks like the Pacific Science Center and the iconic Space Needle in Seattle draw visitors from around the world.

State Symbols

State Bird

Willow Goldfinch

Steelhead trouts are a dark olive color that shades to a silvery white at their bellies. - History By Mail
State Fish

Steelhead Trout

State Flower

Coast Rhododendron

Columbian mammoth had long, curved tusks and four molars, which were replaced six times during the lifetime of an individual. - History By Mail
State Fossil

Columbian Mammoth

State Mammal


Petrified wood displays clear lines that sometimes form wavy patterns. - History By Mail
State Gem

Petrified Wood

Tokul soil has an organic layer at the surface, due to the coniferous and forest debris. - History By Mail
State Soil

Tokul Soil

A western hemlock has mostly down-sweeping branches and delicate feathery foliage. - History By Mail
State Tree

Western Hemlock

Fun Facts

  • Washington is a fruit powerhouse: The state leads the nation in the production of sweet cherries, apples, pears, and red raspberries. It's also the birthplace of Rainier cherries, known for their exceptional sweetness.
  • Home to notable figures: Washington has been the birthplace of many famous individuals, including artist Chuck Close, cartoonist Gary Larson, musician Jimi Hendrix, singer Bing Crosby, and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.
  • The iconic Seattle Space Needle: Standing at 605 feet tall, the Seattle Space Needle is an iconic landmark. Its unique design, featuring a flying saucer-like structure at the top, has become synonymous with the city's skyline.
  • The state named after a president: Washington is the only state in the United States named after a president. It was named in honor of the first president of the United States, George Washington.
  • Rich natural beauty: Washington is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes. It boasts diverse natural wonders, including majestic mountains like Mount Rainier, stunning coastal areas, and scenic national parks like Olympic and North Cascades. The state's natural beauty offers endless opportunities for outdoor adventures and exploration.

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Things To Do in Washington

  1. Discover the beauty of Olympic National Park: Explore the diverse landscapes of this national park, which includes stunning coastal areas, old-growth forests, and majestic mountain peaks like Mount Olympus. Enjoy hiking, camping, wildlife watching, and breathtaking views.
  2. Experience the vibrant city of Seattle: Visit the iconic Space Needle, explore the bustling Pike Place Market, and indulge in the city's vibrant food and music scene. Don't miss the opportunity to take a scenic ferry ride and enjoy panoramic views of the Puget Sound.
  3. Explore Mount Rainier National Park: Hike through wildflower-filled meadows, admire cascading waterfalls, and witness the grandeur of Mount Rainier, an active volcano and the tallest peak in the state. The park offers various recreational activities, including camping, climbing, and wildlife spotting.
  4. Take a scenic drive along the Cascade Loop: Embark on a road trip along this picturesque route, winding through the Cascade Mountains. Experience breathtaking views, charming small towns, and outdoor adventures, such as hiking, fishing, and skiing.
  5. Visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass: Immerse yourself in the captivating world of renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly. Explore the stunning glass sculptures and installations in the indoor and outdoor garden, located in Seattle Center.
Comprehensive map of Washington highlighting cities, roads, and geographical features. - History By Mail

General Map of Washington

Washington, located in the northwest corner of the contiguous United States, is a diverse state known for its stunning landscapes. From the Olympic Mountains and dense rainforests in the northwest to the coastal beauty of the Coast Range, the towering peaks of the Cascade Mountains, and the unique geology of the Columbia Plateau, Washington offers a wide range of natural wonders to explore. With its diverse geography and outdoor opportunities, Washington is a haven for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

Famous People From Washington

Bill Gates

(October 28, 1955 - Seattle, Washington) Co-founder of Microsoft, philanthropist, and one of the world's wealthiest individuals.

Kurt Cobain

(February 20, 1967 - Aberdeen, Washington) Lead vocalist and guitarist of the influential rock band Nirvana, known for his role in shaping the grunge music movement.

Jimi Hendrix

(November 27, 1942 - Seattle, Washington) Iconic guitarist, singer, and songwriter who revolutionized the world of rock music with his innovative style and performances.

Bing Crosby

(May 3, 1903 - Tacoma, Washington) Acclaimed singer, actor, and entertainer, known for his smooth voice and popularizing the genre of American popular music.

Hope Solo

(July 30, 1981 - Richland, Washington) Former professional soccer goalkeeper, Olympic gold medalist, and one of the most successful and influential female soccer players in U.S. history.

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Washington is known as the Evergreen State due to its lush green forests, primarily coniferous trees like Douglas firs and western hemlocks that remain green throughout the year.

Washington is renowned for its apple production and is often referred to as the "Apple State." It's one of the top apple-producing states in the U.S., famous for varieties like Red Delicious and Granny Smith.

After the Great Seattle Fire of 1889, the city was rebuilt at a higher level, leaving a network of underground tunnels beneath the streets. These tunnels are now part of the Seattle Underground Tour, showcasing the city's unique history.

The Spanish explorer Juan Perez is believed to be one of the first Europeans to reach the Washington coast in 1774. However, Captain George Vancouver of the British Royal Navy is often credited with mapping much of the region's coastline during his expedition in 1792.

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