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I love this! I am a history buff and this document is super fascinating. We all know who Susan B. Anthony was, but I never realized the actual details surrounding her trial and arrest. I loved seeing the actual handwritten transcript from her trial. I learned a lot and highly recommend this product to anyone interested in history. -Jaysen (Skokie, Illinois)

Imagine if history teachers told the real story of history using letters written by historical figures and primary documents from major events, instead of from uninspiring textbooks. I wish that I had learned history from History By Mail when I was school, so that I could get the facts straight from the source and get a peak behind the history curtain to see famous people come alive through their letters and writings. 

History By Mail brings fascinating stories to my doorstep of events that I would never have otherwise encountered. The research team does an amazing job of finding intriguing, rare, and important documents that gives me a better understanding of the people and events that have formed our nation. -Sheryl (Grand Rapids, Michigan)