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Discovery Method: TikTok
Influencing Factors: Conversation starter for homeschool!

We homeschool our kids and got this as a conversation starter and extra history lesson once a month. The kids have enjoyed retelling the story to the grandparents! We can’t wait for the next one!

Discovery Method: A gift.
Influencing Factors: It was a gift.
Great gift

My daughter in law gave me a HBM subscription. So far I've enjoyed it.

Discovery Method: Gift
Look forward to checking my mailbox now!

Love HBM for the chance to see replicas of some fascinating historical relics and get the background stories on them. May I add, their customer service is wonderful too! Had gotten a duplicate when my gift giver reordered another six months for me, and they were timely and friendly in rectifying the situation. Love my HBM!👏🏻⭐️

1 Year Subscription
Christine a.m.P.
Discovery Method: Gift

I enjoyed the articles of individuals best, but every article was interesting and I learned facts I did not know.

Discovery Method: Facebook
Influencing Factors: Unique idea
Gift purchase

History by Mail is the perfect gift for the person who has everything. The recipient said he got the first item and found it very interesting.

Discovery Method: Facebook
Influencing Factors: My husband loves history
Christmas Gift

My husband absolutely loves his gift of History By Mail-would definitely recommend this!

Mug bueno!

Worth every penny!

Discovery Method: UncommonGoods
Influencing Factors: Unique gift for my history-loving friend/family and then I thought it was really interesting. I love getting the emails.
Awesome Products

I originally started with the History by Mail products for my family, then did the posters this year. I love these products. I hope they continue. Some ideas:
1) Love Letters through History
2) Subscription on State specific interesting historical events that are lesser known
3) Subscription on interesting things in Women's history or correspondence by historical women
4) Coffee mug with an interesting historical fact/correspondence on it
5) Do you have a tiktok/social media account where you share these historical facts from your emails? They are great and people would share them readily with links back to your store.

I'm well pleased

I subscribed as a Christmas gift for my 18 year old grandson who loves history. He's already received his first month's issue, He is also well pleased. So glad I did this for him. Looking forward to future letters.

Discovery Method: Facebook
Influencing Factors: Gift for my son who is a history buff
Year long subscription

Excellent! My son truly loved it and requested another year’s subscription.

Discovery Method: Google
Influencing Factors: Dad is a history buff!
Dad Loves this Gift!

My dad absolutely loves his delivery every month, never seen him so excited to get something in the mail. He really appreciates the variety of stories.

6 Month Subscription
Bridgette F.
Discovery Method: Facebook
Influencing Factors: Unique gift for my son
My Son loves it!

My son loves history and this was the perfect gift for him.

Discovery Method: Uncommon Goods
Influencing Factors: My husband is a history buff and I was looking for a unique gift
Love it!

I got this for my husband and he loves it! He is a huge history buff and anticipates the arrival of this mail each month. He will wait to open it with me, which is a sign of how much he enjoys it and wants to share the information.

Discovery Method: Radio ad
Influencing Factors: Love history
Enjoyed letters

So enjoy and look forward to the monthly letters, wonderful

Great gift for history buffs!

I bought History by Mail for my husband last year. When the first mailing arrived, he thoroughly enjoyed it and was thrilled to hear more would be arriving throughout the year. Once he is done with it, he gives it to his father who is also a history buff.

Discovery Method: Friend
Influencing Factors: My son loves history and it was unique. Plus, kids, teens or otherwise, love getting mail!
Thrilled son

My son opened his first history by mail last night. He was so excited! Thought it was a GREAT gift and he's 17 and difficult to excite!

Discovery Method: Gift Guide
Influencing Factors: Unique gift for someone hard to shop for
Perfect Xmas Gift

I purchased this for my history buff dad and he loves it. He looks forward to the letters because he learns something new each time.

6 Month Subscription

Discovery Method: Uncommon goods site
Influencing Factors: Husbands ' mother was from Bristol, England. He had first person history from her experiences .

This is a gift from my wife. And now continued for another Christmas.

Discovery Method: Gift
Influencing Factors: A love of history

1 Year Subscription

Great for the history lover in your life

My husband loves these. It teaches about history in a very personal and interesting way

Discovery Method: Uncommon goods catalog
Influencing Factors: Unique gift
Great gift

I live with a history buff and he thoroughly enjoyed his first year of letters.

Historic Cartoons Box (Set of 50 Cards)

Discovery Method: Gift from my daughter!!
Influencing Factors: Like history in smal boses

Interesting! Educational!

Biblical Family Tree

Nice but very large