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I love this! I am a history buff and this document is super fascinating. We all know who Susan B. Anthony was, but I never realized the actual details surrounding her trial and arrest. I loved seeing the actual handwritten transcript from her trial. I learned a lot and highly recommend this product to anyone interested in history. -Jaysen (Skokie, Illinois)

Imagine if history teachers told the real story of history using letters written by historical figures and primary documents from major events, instead of from uninspiring textbooks. I wish that I had learned history from History By Mail when I was school, so that I could get the facts straight from the source and get a peak behind the history curtain to see famous people come alive through their letters and writings. 

History By Mail brings fascinating stories to my doorstep of events that I would never have otherwise encountered. The research team does an amazing job of finding intriguing, rare, and important documents that gives me a better understanding of the people and events that have formed our nation. -Sheryl (Grand Rapids, Michigan)


History is fascinating and teaching my kids real history is an essential part of our homeschool. Whenever I can add an element to enhance history, I try to add that extra allure to capture their imagination to the past. History by Mail is a unique way for your kids to learn about history. There is just something special about holding a piece of history in your hands and seeing the documentations yourself that makes history come alive.

You have several subscription options to choose from: monthly subscription ($6.99), six-months ($36.99), or an annual fee ($71.99). The subscription would be a valuable resource for homeschoolers, public schools, and anyone who loves history. First grade to adults would be a good age range for this.

History by Mail is a subscription mail service that mails you historical replicas of documents and letters from our rich American Heritage. The focus is on American history with some historical events outside of America that may be relevant to the historical themes and enhance learning about our history. They have a team of history buffs who work hard to select intriguing documents that they find in the archives. The company secures the proper rights to use the documents. They also have graphic designers that create the replicas to look authentic for their subscribers. Every fourth letter they change themes. Some themes are American Wars, inventions, Transfer of Power of Presidents, Foreign Diplomacy, and more.

Each month you will receive a letter in the mail of a historical document. With your subscription, you will receive a replica of the document or letter. It will also have information that gives you more insight into the document you received. This information covers the author’s background and if applicable the recipient’s background. You will also have information on the historical era and why that document or letter is relevant. Some letters may have a handwritten script and may have a transcription if it is difficult to read. We had a few replica documents that needed transcription as the cursive was difficult to read.

The letters come in a beautiful envelope. The documents and letters are printed on a high-quality paper that varies from a parchment looking paper to high-quality white paper. The actual historical replica is folded nicely and stored in a clear plastic sleeve.

My daughter could not wait to see what shows up each month. Every letter that we received she wanted to see if she could find out more about the history and people behind the document. We would dig deeper into each historical topic and or the people within the documents. Some of the information that we learned from the letters and documents was not part of our textbooks. Finding out more details about history beyond the textbook was fascinating. My daughter thought it was neat having a keepsake of the historical documents herself.

History by Mail would make a wonderful gift for someone who loves history and a homeschool family. This is a fun and educational way for younger kids to learn more history from various sources. Older students could use the topics for a research paper, biographies, and other writing assignments. There is a lot that you could do with History by Mail to enhance your homeschool. Make history come alive as you dive into historical documents and letters. -Renee (Kansas)

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