Wedding Gift Ideas

Made-To-Order Personalized Song

Searching for a powerful way to express how you feel? You could dedicate a Top 40 hit on your local station. But writing a tune? Now that's something special. Let musician David Morgan transform your stories into a one-of-a-kind personalized song. By answering some questions and sharing several anecdotes, the singer/songwriter composes original lyrics and music that matches the occasion and highlights the recipient, all performed in their favorite musical style. The more info you provide (at least 15 details for one-minute compositions and a minimum of 25 specifics for three-minute masterpieces), the more personalized the finished product will be. David then shares a draft of the song's words for you to edit or approve before he sings a single note. After revising and recording, David delivers the custom-made one-minute or three-minute track (MP3 audio file) and its lyrics (PDF document) for you to share and cherish forever. Both song lengths are moving and memorable, but we recommend the three-minute version when you have more to say. Make life's moments and milestones unforgettable by creating someone's new favorite song. Written and recorded in Connecticut.

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Personalized Wedding Family Portrait

Celebrate wedded bliss, either yours or another happy couple's, with one of Shelly Klein's customizable wedding-day portraits. Her illustrations will depict the married partners in the setting of your choosing, like under a floral garland, chuppah, or church altar. Around them, you can add up to 10 additional figures think the wedding party, parents, children, or even four-legged family members. Details of each person (or dog!) will capture their likeness, including body shape, skin color, and clothing. The couple's names and the date of the big day appear at the bottom, along with optional icons to symbolize the ceremony, like flowers, broken glass, or rings, to name a few. Available with or without a frame, this charming keepsake makes a beautiful gift for newlyweds or two longtime lovebirds celebrating an anniversary. Made in Oregon.

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Personalized Dream Together Wedding Bowl

Whether the newlyweds are mixing up their favorite batch of cookies or relaxing with a movie and some fresh popcorn, this handcrafted bowl will play a supporting role in many moments of happiness. Ceramicist Bryan Becker was inspired by the Victorian tradition of gifting a dainty glass or silver bowl to a new bride but updated the idea to embrace contemporary lifestyles and tastes. His ceramic bowls are glazed with vibrant splashes of color and etched with heartfelt advice (Love Always, Laugh Often, Forgive Quickly, Dream Together) along with the couple's own names and wedding date. A perfect, well, marriage of romance and practicality, the bowl is sturdy enough for years of daily use and can be used for serving as well as cooking family favorites in the microwave or oven. Dishwasher safe. Handmade in Wisconsin.

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Custom Song Wall Art

What makes a song your favorite song? Did you hear it together at a concert? Was it playing on your first date? Or is it the one you can't help but dance to even after all these years? Whatever it is (no judgments), it gets you both every time. Artist Claudia Moldovan transforms that catchy melody into a one-of-a-kind work of art by cutting wooden pieces in the exact shape of its soundwave. Select a recording of any song, then choose either a snippet (up to 10 seconds), the chorus (about a minute), or an entire song (up to 3.5 minutes), and Claudia will translate your submission into a sweeping, elegant wall sculpture that's an instant conversation starter and an anniversary gift you'll never forget. While the artwork doesn't actually play music, Claudia does include a card that indicates what tune (and section) her stunning creation represents. Made in Latham, New York.

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Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map

Your honeymoon is just the beginning! Map all of your adventures in wedded bliss with this beautiful keepsake. Personalized with your names and anniversary date, this print of artist Wendy Gold's vintage-inspired world map is framed and mounted on sturdy foam core. Use the included 100 pins to mark hometowns, honeymoon spots, favorite vacation destinations, and more as an artful and sentimental way to celebrate traveling as a twosome. Designed in California, and printed in Portland, OR. You don't need to look for Wendy on a map. Just check out our blog for more on her process and what inspires her. *Due to an artwork update, the framing for this item may slightly vary from what's pictured in our printed catalog.

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Personalized Tree Wood Carving

Love and trees have a lot in common. They're both strong, they're both able to withstand difficult weather, and, with nurturing and care, they can grow and grow and grow. Celebrate powerful love with one-of-a-kind art: a tree carved into Baltic birchwood, inscribed with the initials or family monogram and the date of your choosing. Made in Dallas.

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Personalized Cutting Board

Whether you're prepping cheese and veggies or displaying homemade hors d'oeuvres, this wood cutting board by Kim Strassner and Mike Pararas gives your prep work and presentation a personal touch. This tasteful and functional keepsake is handcrafted from richly grained maple, and features your family name or the names of a favorite couple hand-cut along the top. Perfect as a wedding or housewarming gift, this tasteful keepsake is bound to bring any party together and also makes a handsome accent on your kitchen counter when not in use. Handmade in Baltimore. Pair your Personalized Cutting Board with our Custom Lazy Susan and take a peek into Mike and Kim's Baltimore, MD, studio on the blog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is customary to give a wedding gift either before the wedding or within a few months after the wedding date. However, it's best to check the couple's wedding registry or consult the wedding invitation for any specific instructions or preferred timelines.

Shipping the wedding gift directly to the couple's home is a convenient option, especially if you are unable to attend the wedding in person. Make sure to provide the correct shipping address and consider including a personalized note or card to accompany the gift.

Yes, History By Mail can be a fantastic wedding gift for history enthusiasts. It offers a unique and educational experience, providing reproductions of historical letters and documents accompanied by detailed context pages. It's a thoughtful and memorable gift that allows the couple to explore different historical periods together.

There are various ways to present a History By Mail subscription as a wedding gift. You can create a personalized card or note explaining the gift and its significance. Additionally, consider wrapping the initial package or including a small keepsake related to history to make the presentation more special.