Graduation Gift Ideas

It's graduation season again. You might still be wondering what gift you should give to your friend or family member on their graduation day. Graduation is a great accomplishment and truly deserves a thoughtful present. 

History By Mail letters make a great graduation gift.

Historic letters that keep on giving

Historic Cartoons

Send them a monthly replica of historic documents right to their doorstep. Perfect as a keepsake, learning materials, or collectible items. Click here to learn more.

A unique way to learn history through Historic Cartoons. Each cartoon is printed on a high quality card in the original color and style. The reverse side of each cartoon contains a full description of the historical context and an explanation of the image. Click here to learn more.

College Town Wall Sculpture

The roar of the crowd when the home team makes a touchdown...a post-game cold one at a local watering hole...a stroll around your alma mater on a brilliant fall day. Celebrate your old stomping grounds with this detailed collegiate wall map sculpture. Handcrafted by father-and-son team Dave and Zach Holt from precisely cut plywood, each map is a nostalgic tribute to the stadium and surrounding neighborhood that made your college days special. Handmade in Ohio.

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College Football Stadium Bottle Openers

Thirsty scholars can hold the seats from their alma matter's football stadium in the palm of their hands while cracking open a frosty brew thanks to this one-of-a-kind bottle opener. Each opener is officially licensed by its university and engraved with the names of the school and venue as well as the time it was originally in use. Made in Berkeley, California with opener hardware from China.

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College Cityscape Embroidered Pillow

Ahh, the comforts of reminiscing about your glory days in college? It would be even more comforting with Josh Seubert's cushy throw pillow. Officially licensed by schools including the University of Virginia and Cornell University, the accent piece is embroidered with illustrations of the campus? most iconic buildings and landmarks on the front and the school's logo on the back. This pillow will feel especially at home in the rec room of someone who still cheers on their alma mater's sports team or the dorm room of a superfan in the making. Made in New York. Want more options? Check out our College Cityscape Rocks Glasses and Wine Glasses.

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College Cityscape Wine Glasses - Set of 2

No matter where we go, there's always a part of us that stays at our alma mater, just hanging out on the quad with friends or cheering in the stands at the big game. Toast to those good ol' days with this pair of officially licensed wine glasses. Featuring schools such as Cornell and Villanova, they're each printed in reverse colors with hand-drawn, 360-degree illustrations of iconic buildings and landmarks around campus. And after the final sip of your preferred beverage, you'll see the university's logo at the bottom. Gift this set to someone who still rocks their college sweatshirt after all these years, or even a rising freshman who can't wait to attend their dream school. Made in Ohio. Want more options? Check out our College Cityscape Rocks Glasses!

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Things They Don't Teach You in School Game

Your education may have taught you important things like what the capital of Moldova is (Chișinău) and how many signers of the Declaration of Independence weren't American-born (8). The trivia in this game starts where that fancy book learnin' stops. Why doesn't the Mona Lisa have eyebrows? In what year was shampoo invented? Why do you write Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy with a dot after the initial, when Harry S Truman is written without one? The info is so random that nobody is likely to have an edge, making this trivia game more suspenseful and surprise-filled than most. The 400 fun facts, random factoids, and tidbits of totally useless knowledge spark giggles and chatter in equal measure, adding up to precisely 10.724 tons o' fun. Made in Poland.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Graduation ceremonies mark an important milestone in one's educational journey. They are a celebration of academic achievements, the completion of a degree or program, and the transition into the next phase of life. Graduation ceremonies often symbolize the recognition of hard work, dedication, and personal growth.

Graduation day is a momentous occasion, and there are many ways to make it special. Consider adding a historical touch to your celebrations by incorporating themes or decorations related to your field of study or a specific historical period. You can also enhance your understanding of the past by subscribing to History By Mail and exploring the context of historical events that shaped the world.

If you're looking for a unique graduation gift, consider gifting a subscription to History By Mail. It provides a fascinating journey through history, offering reproductions of historical letters and documents accompanied by detailed context pages. It's a gift that combines education, curiosity, and a passion for the past.

Gifting a History By Mail subscription to a history graduate is a wonderful idea. It allows them to continue their exploration of history beyond their graduation and offers a unique and educational experience. The historical letters and documents can be a source of inspiration and further study for a history enthusiast.