At History By Mail, we're more than just documents and letters – we're your time machine, allowing you to step into the past and experience history in a whole new way. Experience the emotions, stories, and voices of historical figures firsthand.

Gift the joy of exploration and discovery with History By Mail Subscriptions. Immerse your loved ones in the richness of history, delivered right to their doorstep each month. It's not just a gift; it's a journey through time.

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Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift can be an exciting journey. Explore our curated sections to discover unique and meaningful presents for every special occasion. From milestone celebrations to heartfelt moments, History By Mail brings history to life with a touch of nostalgia.


Celebrate the journey of love with a unique gift inspired by history. Our Anniversary collection features carefully selected items that embody the enduring essence of love and commitment. Find the perfect touch of nostalgia to make your anniversary unforgettable.

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Make their birthday truly special with a gift that reflects their unique interests. Our Birthday collection offers a delightful selection of historically inspired items, each designed to captivate and delight the birthday star. Give the gift of a personalized journey through time.

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Father's Day

For the fathers who appreciate the richness of history, explore our Father's Day collection. These carefully selected items honor the strength, wisdom, and enduring legacy of fatherhood. Give a gift that resonates with the stories of great men.

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Mark the milestone of graduation with a meaningful gift that inspires the next chapter. Our Graduation collection features items that impart wisdom, resilience, and the spirit of achievement. Help them embark on their journey with a touch of history.

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History Buffs

Indulge in a world of historical fascination with our History Buffs collection. Perfect for enthusiasts who revel in the past, these curated sets offer an immersive experience into the events and personalities that shaped our world.

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Welcome loved ones to their new home with a gift that adds a touch of history to their space. Our Housewarming collection includes items that celebrate the joy of new beginnings, featuring historical motifs and timeless designs.

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Mother's Day

Celebrate the nurturing spirit of mothers with a gift that echoes through time. Our Mother's Day collection features items that embody strength, love, and the timeless bond between mothers and their children.

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Commemorate the union of two souls with a gift that stands the test of time. Our Wedding collection offers items that symbolize the enduring strength and romance found in the pages of history, creating lasting memories for the newlyweds.

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