World War II Cartoons & Posters (25 Card Set)

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This set contains 25 cards containing faithfully recreated WWII cartoons and posters with detailed explanations. 

Our team of historians have carefully selected cartoons and posters covering a wide range of topics related to wartime life, from conservation efforts at home to advice for military personnel abroad. 

War posters and cartoons are unique visual art forms used to convey important messages to an entire population, intended to create strong emotional responses and often spur the viewer to action. Inexpensive to produce and easy to distribute, war posters were ubiquitous in America during WWII. Volunteer defense councils distributed posters to public places nationwide, and industrial workplaces were filled with posters to create a sense of urgency, discipline, and patriotism among the workers. 

This set makes a great gift!

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Customer Reviews

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Warren M.
Discovery Method: Gift from my daughter!!
Influencing Factors: Like history in smal boses

Interesting! Educational!

Douglas E.
WW2 cards

Love them! Do more WW2!

Spencer Y.

Very cool and such a great gift

Rudy M.(.

The cards were better than I anticipated. My whole family loves this.

Franky (.

This makes an incredible gift for yourself or a fellow history buff.

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