Five "Revolutionary Superheroes" with George Washington Small framed print - 5" x 7"

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Print In black frame

Our original design, with Abigail and John Adams, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton on one side, and our new Ten "Revolutionary Superheroes" with the original five plus now with Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Lafayette, Paul Revere, and Henry Knox on the other side.

Printed on 16 pt. glossy card stock. Available unframed or in a black frame. Can be hung or put on a desk with the built in stand.  

Size: 5" x 7"

    Our "Revolutionary Superheroes" design is also available on a shirt (light blue heather and black crew neck, as well as a black women's cut v-neck shirt), as a large 24" x 36" poster, a die-cut sticker, a magnet, and a pocket notebook.

    View our collection of "Revolutionary Superheroes" here.

     Thanks to Betsy and Shayne for the photos. (If that looks like the practice field for the Dallas Cowboys, it is.)  

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      February 14, 1790

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