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Monthly Journey: Each month, receive beautifully crafted replicas. Each envelope contains a new adventure into the past, delivered right to your door.  

Captivating Context: Each replica is accompanied by a detailed context document, telling the story of the events, personalities, and significance of the replica.  

Authentic & Engaging Replicas: Each document is meticulously designed to mirror the look and feel of the original piece, down to the ink tone, paper color, and texture. This unique, hands-on learning experience allows subscribers to feel as if they are holding the originals. 

Expertly Curated: Our team of historians works with archivists to select documents from the world's most respected archives, and ensures each replica is relevant and fascinating.

In-depth Theme Exploration: Themes rotate every four letters, providing a comprehensive understanding of each topic. Topics include Historic Inventions, American Wars, and Foreign Diplomatic Relations.  

Monthly Surprise & Delight: Each month, subscribers eagerly await their next historical treasure. Transform your mailbox from a depot of junk mail to a treasure trove of historical discovery. 

Collectible Masterpiece: Each beautifully designed replica is a work of art in itself, meticulously capturing each pen stroke of the original, making it a perfect addition to any historical collection.

Perpetual Present: Create memorable experiences for your family and friends every month. Gift subscriptions include personalized messages and custom start dates. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: We stand behind the quality of our service. If you're not satisfied, you can cancel your subscription at any time and receive a refund for the remaining months.

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As Seen On

Hold History in Your Hands

History By Mail makes history tangible, relatable, and exciting by providing opportunities to learn directly from primary source documents. Instead of learning about abstract dates and concepts, History By Mail allows you to delve deeply into the details of historic documents as you learn about them. What did the check to purchase Alaska look like? What did Abraham Lincoln's handwriting look like?

Learn from a Fresh Angle

Did you know that New Years was traditionally celebrated on March 25 in Great Britain and its colonies before the British Calendar Act of 1751 was enacted? History By Mail presents fascinating details and angles on people and events you may have already known about. We tell the interesting stories behind our historic replicas that entertain even the most avid history fans.

Make Mail Interesting!

History By Mail subscribers often report a unique sense of joy and excitement as they open their mailboxes, anticipating their monthly replica. With all the junk mail, it is a breath of fresh air to receive a letter you truly look forward to.

Historical Paper

History By Mail takes great care in using the closest type of paper material to match the originals, so you can truly appreciate the essence of these remarkable documents.

An Unrivaled Learning Experience: The History By Mail Advantage

Discover why History By Mail is the leader in history learning, outshining traditional learning methods. 

Sample Documents

Albert Einstein's Declaration of Intention to Become a U.S. Citizen

January 15, 1936

Thomas Jefferson's Letter to George WashingtonAccepting Position of Secretary of State

February 14, 1790

Historically Accurate Sample

History By Mail Sample Letter

Curious about what to expect from our subscription? Download a sample letter featuring the Nixon resignation letter—an iconic piece of history.

Subscribe now to receive captivating historical documents like this delivered straight to your doorstep!

View Sample Letter

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
James C.
I'm well pleased

I subscribed as a Christmas gift for my 18 year old grandson who loves history. He's already received his first month's issue, He is also well pleased. So glad I did this for him. Looking forward to future letters.

Harper W.
Love it!

I've tried various history subscriptions, but History By Mail stands out with its attention to detail. The 6-month subscription was a journey through time that exceeded my expectations.

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