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Curated with care from the best archives in the world

Each document accompanied by context pages telling relevant details surrounding the historic event

High-quality graphically designed replicas with high-quality envelopes and paper

Themes (every 4 letters) delve deep into topics such as: Historic inventions, American Wars, and Foreign Diplomacy

Perfect as a keepsake, learning materials, or collectible items

How did Albert Einstein communicate with President Roosevelt about the atomic bomb? How did the Queen of Hawaii protest America's annexation of the Islands? 

Instead of learning about history from a book, we invite you to learn directly from history through replicas of the historic letters themselves. Read for yourself, in the original words and handwriting, what the people who shaped our history had to say about the events and topics of their times. 

Our team of history buffs curates fascinating historic documents and letters from the best archives in the world and delivers our most interesting gems directly to your doorstep. Each document comes alive with an additional historical context document. Every four months, we will explore a different theme from various angles using the letters and documents as our guides. 


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Customer Reviews

I love this! I learned a lot and highly recommend this product to anyone interested in history. -Jaysen (Illinois)

I wish that I had learned history from History By Mail when I was school, so that I could get the facts straight from the source and get a peak behind the history curtain to see famous people come alive through their letters and writings. -Sheryl (Michigan)

History by Mail is a unique way for your kids to learn about history. There is just something special about holding a piece of history in your hands and seeing the documentations yourself that makes history come alive.  -The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine

Frequently Asked Questions

What is History By Mail? 

History By Mail is a monthly subscription service for reproductions of historical letters and documents. Each letter comes with a separate document explaining the context of the letter including its author, recipient, and relevance to the events of its time, as well as a transcription when necessary.

History By Mail makes an excellent gift for history buffs of all shapes and sizes. 

How often will I receive my subscription?
Letters come once every month and are charged either monthly, every 6 months, or annually (depending on your subscription plan).

How do I purchase a History By Mail subscription as a gift?   

After selecting a subscription plan from the home page, simply fill in the gift recipient's information under the shipping address section and put the gift giver's information in the billing section. Our fulfillment team will then know this is a gift subscription if the shipping information does not match the billing information.

The subscription recipient will receive a welcome letter with his or her first replica, explaining the History By Mail subscription and mentioning he or she has received a gift from the name on the billing address.

How are letters selected?
Our team of curators search historic archives worldwide for interesting letters that touch on relevant historic themes, or that are written by or to historic figures. Our team verifies the authenticity of the documents and then produces a replica of the original document to deliver to you. 

Can I update my mailing address?
Of course! Please email us at and we will be happy to help you out.

How can I reach you?
You can send us an email at

History By Mail's Mission

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Recipes from Historic Figures Subscription

Some of the most well-known figures in history had favorite dishes that they cherished enough to put in writing. This fascinating subscription series delivers detailed replicas of real handwritten recipes from renowned names like George Washington, Emily Dickinson, and Rosa Parks. An exciting gift for foodies and history buffs alike, each monthly delivery is a keepsake-worthy peek into our delicious past.

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