Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Gift Recipients

Your Guide to History By Mail Subscriptions

Welcome to the FAQ page for History By Mail subscription recipients! Here, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide you with quick answers and helpful information. Whether you have inquiries about redeeming your gift, extending your subscription, or understanding the gifting process, you'll find the answers you need right here. Take a moment to browse through the questions below and find solutions to any queries you may have. If you can't find the information you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact our friendly customer support team. We're here to assist you on your historical journey with History By Mail.

Explore our recipient FAQ page to find answers to common questions about your History By Mail gifted subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To redeem your gift subscription for History By Mail, follow these simple steps:

  1. Check your email: Look for an email from History By Mail that contains the instructions and details of your gift subscription. Make sure to locate this email in your inbox or spam folder.
  2. Click on "Redeem your subscription": Inside the email, you will find a button or link that says "Redeem your subscription." Click on it to proceed.
  3. Retrieve your gift code: You will be directed to the redemption page. Here, you can find and copy your unique gift code. Keep this code handy for the next step.
  4. Start shopping: After copying the gift code, click on the "Start Shopping" button. This will take you to the subscription page.
  5. Choose your subscription details: On the subscription page, select the subscription option that matches the one you received as a gift. For example, if you were gifted a monthly subscription, choose that option.
  6. Add to cart: Once you have selected your subscription details, click on the "Add to Cart" button. This will add the subscription to your shopping cart.
  7. Proceed to checkout: After adding the subscription to your cart, click on the "Checkout" button to proceed to the checkout page.
  8. Apply your gift code: On the checkout page, you will see a field where you can enter a discount or gift code. Paste the gift code you retrieved earlier into this field.
  9. Complete the checkout process: Enter your payment details as required by Shopify (this is to enroll you in the subscription). Review your order summary and make sure everything looks correct. Finally, click on the "Complete Purchase" or "Place Order" button to finalize the redemption of your gift subscription.
  10. Enjoy your History By Mail subscription: Once the checkout process is complete, your gift subscription will be redeemed. You can now look forward to receiving fascinating historical materials delivered right to your doorstep. Dive in and enjoy your historical journey!

Do I need to provide my payment details during the checkout process?

Yes, entering your payment details during checkout is necessary as per Shopify, our e-commerce platform's requirements. It allows you to enroll in the subscription and grants access to our customer portal, where you can manage your payment information and subscription details. This empowers you to update or delete your payment details as needed, providing you with autonomy and flexibility.

Collecting your payment information establishes a secure connection between your account and our billing system. This ensures a smooth transition to your preferred payment method without any interruption to your service if you choose to continue your subscription beyond the gift period.

Can I choose the subscription option or is it predetermined by the gift giver?

The subscription option is predetermined by the gift giver. You will receive the specific subscription that was gifted to you, such as a monthly, 6-month, or 1-year subscription.

How long will my gifted subscription last?

The duration of your gifted subscription is determined by the number of payments (subscription cycles) chosen by the gift giver. Once these cycles are completed, the subscription will expire. However, we offer the option to extend your subscription beyond the initial duration.

If you would like to continue enjoying our services after the gifted subscription expires, please reach out to our dedicated customer support team. You can contact them through our live chat or by email, and they will be more than happy to assist you in extending your subscription.

Can I continue my subscription after it expires?

Absolutely! We value your interest in continuing your subscription. If you wish to continue receiving our historical letters after your subscription expires, we offer two convenient options:

1. Self-serve option: Simply log in to your customer portal and follow these steps:
- Go to the subscription tab.
- Select 'Add Product' to add a new subscription.
- Choose the desired subscription and confirm the shipping and billing details.
- Click to add the product and continue enjoying our captivating history lessons.

2. Contact our customer support: If you prefer assistance in extending your subscription, our dedicated customer support team is here to help. You can contact them through our live chat or by email, and they will be more than happy to assist you in extending your subscription.

By continuing your subscription, you acknowledge its recurring nature and agree to our cancellation and refund policy.

What happens if I don't redeem my subscription right away?

You have full control over when to redeem your subscription gift. It will remain available for redemption until you decide to take action. The delivery date mentioned in the email is just the date when you receive the instructions, not the deadline for redemption.

What if I have further questions or need assistance with my gifted subscription?

If you have any additional questions or need assistance, you can reach out to the History By Mail customer support team. They are available through chat or email them at and will be happy to help you with any concerns regarding your subscription.