Photos of astronaut Edward H. White's extra vehicular activity ("space walk") on Gemini IV (June 3, 1965). 
File:Gemini 7 in orbit - GPN-2006-000035.jpg
Photo of Gemini 7 (launched December 4, 1965 with Frank Borman and James A. Lovell) taken from Gemini 6 (launched December 15, 1965 with Walter M. Schirra, Jr. and Thomas P. Stafford) during rendezvous maneuvers. Estimated altitude of 160 miles above Earth. Photo taken December 15, 1965. 
File:Gemini 5 control room.jpg
Mission Control Center tracking Gemini 5 flight (August, 1965). 

File:Gemini 4 Astronauts Meet Yuri Gagarin.jpgCosmonaut Yuri Gagarin (first human in space) meets with astronauts Edward White and James McDivitt at the Paris International Air Show (June 19, 1965). Vice President Hubert Humphrey and French Prime Minister Georges Pompidou are also present. 

File:Astronauts White and McDivitt Inside Gemini IV Spacecraft - GPN-2002-000031.jpg
Edward White and James McDivitt wait for takeoff (June 3rd, 1965) of Gemini IV during which Edward White achieved the first U.S. spacewalk.