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Dear Teachers, at History By Mail, we recognize the invaluable role you play in shaping young minds and nurturing the next generation of historians. Immerse your students in the wonders of history with our handpicked collection of historical letters and documents, carefully curated to ignite their curiosity and love for the past.

What is History By Mail?

History By Mail is a monthly subscription service for reproductions of historical letters and documents. Each replica comes with a separate document explaining the context of the replica including its author, recipient, and relevance to the events of its time, as well as a transcription when necessary.

History By Mail makes an excellent gift for history buffs of all shapes and sizes.

Why Choose History By Mail?

  1. Inspire Lifelong Learners: History is a captivating journey of discovery. With our monthly subscription service, you can inspire your students to become enthusiastic and curious learners, as they delve into the personal stories and significant events that shaped the course of history.
  2. Engage with Primary Sources: Bring history to life in the classroom with authentic primary source documents. Our carefully reproduced letters and documents provide students with a direct connection to the past, fostering a deeper understanding of historical events and the people behind them.
  3. Enhance Classroom Discussions: Enrich your lessons with thought-provoking materials. Each document comes with a context page, offering valuable insights into its author, recipient, and historical background, encouraging meaningful classroom discussions.
  4. Quality Reproductions: We take pride in delivering high-quality reproductions that mirror the original documents, providing an immersive and authentic historical experience for your students.
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