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Pi(e) Day!

Happy Pi day! Pi day is the annual celebration of the mathematical constant π. Pi Day is observed on March 14th every year since the first three digits of Pi are 3, 1, and 4. On March 12, 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives passed non-binding House Resolution 224, which recognized National Pi Day. The resolution was...

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Albert Einstein's Declaration of Intention to Become U.S. Citizen (1936)

Albert Einstein, the iconic German-born physicist and Nobel Prize winner visited the United States in 1933. During his visit, Adolf Hitler came to power so Einstein did not return to Europe. In this document dated January 15, 1936, Einstein filed his Declaration of intention to become and American Citizen, which he became in 1940. A few months prior, Einstein had written a letter to President Roosevelt…

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Welcome to History By Mail Blog

Welcome to the History By Mail blog! In this blog we will showcase some of our interesting "extra" documents. These are documents our historians have come across that we find fascinating. However, these are not documents found in our paid subscriptions since those documents are set aside especially for…    

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