Welcome to History By Mail Blog

Welcome to the History By Mail blog!

In this blog we will showcase some of our interesting "extra" documents. These are documents our historians have come across that we find fascinating. However, these are not documents found in our paid subscriptions since those documents are set aside especially for paid subscribers. 

Check back frequently to learn more directly from primary source historical documents rather than learning about history from secondary sources alone. 

We'd love to hear your questions and comments. Feel free to contact us at support@historybymail.com.

Happy learning!


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About the Author

Ari Siegel is the founder and CEO of HistoryByMail.com and
HistoricCartoons.com. After growing up hearing WWII stories from both of his
grandfathers, he studied history at the University of Michigan. While working
in Washington D.C. and giving tours of the U.S. Capitol building, he was
inspired to take some of the thousands of historic documents that belong to the
American people, and make them more accessible.